other writing

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Below are links to other places you can find my writing.

In print, find me in these books:

I Just Want to Hang Out With You (a collection curated by Jen Mann)

Will Work For Apples (a collection curated by Jen Mann)

You can find my online work on these sites:

When My Daughter Applies to College, I Want to be Prepared (Your Teen Mag)

Did My Child Inherit My Anxiety Disorder? (Ravishly)

My Messy Home Doesn’t Make Me a Bad Mom (Huff Post)

How to Preserve Your Brain Power When Parenting Mentally Exhausts You (Parent Co.)

When Sass is the New Tantrum (Parent Co.)

Empowering Your Daughter Includes Fostering Her Sense of Humor (Parent Co.)

Finding Yourself at Midlife: Don’t Call it a Crisis (Midlife Boulevard)

When My Daughter Asked if She’d Have to Get Scars Like Mine (The Mighty)