in with the new

I am no longer Slightly Overcaffeinated. Literally.

I’ve retired the old blog, for one. The frequency with which I’d been posting slowed all the way down to a complete stop and I realized part of the reason was because Slightly Overcaffeinated just wasn’t who I was online anymore. I’ve learned I’m not really funny and I don’t post the cute content that younger parents seems to like. Most of my writing time over the last couple of years has been spent on work meant for offline publishing or for work for other online sites. So footing the bill to host Slightly Overcaffeinated just didn’t make sense anymore.

Also, I’m older now. Like really old. So old, in fact, that my doctor wants me to stop drinking caffeine period. First of all, that’s ridiculous. Second of all, he’s right.

Caffeine is not good for you. For reals. But coffee? Is soooo yummy. I convinced my doctor that one cup of coffee a day wouldn’t kill me so now I just make one perfect (pour over) cup for myself every morning. So I’m not Slightly Overcaffeinated. I’m Barely Caffeinated with a severe reflux problem.

See? I told you I was old.

I’ll still blog occasionally but those blogs will be here on my new site, It’s a one stop shop for all things me. Or links to all things me. Well, links to carefully considered online content. I have to be a good example for my children, dontcha know.

Take care. Be well. Don’t be a stranger – follow me! ONLINE. Not in real life, please.

2 thoughts on “in with the new

  1. I came to look at your blog because I desperately need to clean mine up and I want a simpler cleaner theme.

    And now I just kind of want to blow it all up and start fresh because I could have written everything you did, practically (I’ve cut back on coffee mostly because I needed to cut back on creamer.)


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